Our Year of Construction

Basing on our church constitution, our doctrinal basis and faith, we believe in equipping our society or communities around us with facilities and programmes that will mold, empower and enable them to have a better life through Jesus Christ.

We have a number of projects that are currently ongoing to be completed soon. These include:

  • Construction of our Mega Church in Rwai¬†
  • Construction of vocational training college
  • Construction of schools (Nursery and primary)
  • Construction of guest houses & refreshment area.

We, therefore, would love to invite everyone who wishes to partner with us financially to completion of all these projects ahead of us.

To inquire more or make contributions towards all these projects, you can kindly speak directly to our senior Bishop and make your contributions as well.

Contact Us Through: +254722863649, info@pentecostalrevivalchurch.org.

Thank you for your positive response, God bless you